35€ per Fornello a Induzione Xiaomi QCOOKER con COUPON

Fornello a Induzione Xiaomi QCOOKER

35€ 69€
🇪🇺Spedizione Veloce da Europa Inclusa (No Dogana)

Fornello a Induzione Xiaomi QCOOKER multifunzione con molteplici modalità di utilizzo, controllo della temperatura, sistemi di sicurezza e tanto altro.

 * The electric ceramic stove is suitable for a variety of high-temperature resistant pans, which is flexible and convenient.

 * Which not only boils water quickly but also has its own insulation function.

 * No high-frequency radiation, suitable for gravida and the elderly.

 * 20 mode Speed control 80 ℃ -280 ℃, and temperature prompt.

 * Energy-gathering double ring has a large 2000W firepower, and cooking is particularly fast. 

 * Integrated microcrystalline panel, easier cleaning.

 * Timing function

 * Double protection, High-temperature safety reminder.

Rated voltage220V
Net weight2.50kg
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated Power2000W
Gross weight2.90kg
Packing size400×115×353mm
PlugCN three

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